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darkrosepro's Journal

DarkRose Productions
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A community dedicated to the production of writing, film, photography and the general arts.
DarkRose Productions community is dedicated to people who are very passionate to the arts -- Founded by Ryan Pagella, Maddy Myers and Stephanie Brunet in 2004. The community never lifted further than a home-made film known as D2: Enter The D-Men, a sequel to a small independent film made roughly around 2003. Early in 2008, Maddy and Ryan dug up an old project known as GENO (Formerly known as the Alpha 5), which was a very unique take on a possible sci-fi series. After nearly 11 years, the partners in crime if you will, began to share their series with some of their very close friends. DarkRose Productions revived as a small forum-based community until it moved to LiveJournal for convenience purposes. Since then, it has expanded from being a less than simple movie making group to a community to welcome all forms of the arts.

Here you will find any of the following:

-Song Writing
-Footage Of Theatrical Events
-Professional Make-Up

The list goes on.

If you are offered to join this group, there are solid rules that must be followed.


1) No bashing of anyone's work. Keep it strictly friendly and professional. Constructive criticism is more than encouraged!

2) If someone asks you to keep their work private, please respect their wishes.

3) No drama. Seriously, guys -- We are all adults!

4) If you would like to join the community, please contact the moderator, Ryan (fearixwolfgang@hotmail.com).

4) Have fun!