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Meme, anyone?

I had an idea that I thought would be fun to share with everyone.  I don't know if anyone wants to do a deadline or anything...maybe get a monthly meme-thing like this going on.  idk.

To some people, cell phones their lifelines.  A cellphone connects us to our loved ones.  They play our favorite music when our favorite person calls, can capture photographs, and can be decorated in an infinite amount of ways.  If we are ever in trouble away from home, they can save us.  Here's the plan:

1) Pick one of your original characters (it could even be a character that exists in a time prior to cellphones). 

2) Decide what kind of cell phone they have.   Use these  questions as a guide:

    *What model is it?  What service do they use?  In other words, is it simplistic or trendy?  What are the special     features (camera, text keyboard, etc)?  Example: A trendy teenager/young adult might have the latest T-Mobile     LG model every 3 months or so, but a drug dealer might have something like a pre-paid Tracfone.
    *Is there anything the decorates their phone?  Such as charms, faceplates, or stickers?   What's the image on     their display screen ( Examples: a picture of a loved one, a puppy, or a Sports Illustrated bikini babe?)  What's     their ringtone?  Do they have different ringtones for different people?

    *How big is their contact list?  Who is the person that they talk to the most?  Who is the person that they last         spoke to?  Is their cell phone mainly for business or personal use? 

3) Write a short story where the phone is either the main focus or plays a significant role, draw what the phone looks like, or do whatever you want to represent your character through their cell phone.   Be sure to share by posting in the community when  you're done!
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